National Enquirer Logo Case Study

Designing a logo that evolves over a period of time, works in both print and digital formats, and evokes the values of the periodical.

With the National Enquirer's dubious reputation and invitations to controversey with their scandalous and salacious coverage, I designed this logo with the ethos 'Any press is good press.'

How It Functions

The logo grows larger and more attention grabbing depending on the number of articles written about the National Enquirer that day.

Responding to a web API via Javascript, the logo is generated in response to live data that changes day by day; the API provides the number of articles that were written about the National Enquirer that day, and the code adjusts the logo appropriately.


Using p5.js to manipulate the letters, I experimented with color, sizes, and outlines to identify the appropriate amount of change that would appear as 'attention-grabbing' and indicate change while balancing cohesiveness.

As the number of articles increases or decreases, the algorithm written to manipulate the letters will apply the data to reflect the changes from the API.

Planning & Research

Upon immediate research, the National Enquirer encompasses a number of concepts, as one of the nation's oldest tabloid magazines, reporting on scandals and celebrity gossip.

The Enquirer openly acknowledges that it pays sources for tips, a controversial practice that may bring about a conflict of interest. Additionally, they have faced multiple lawsuits for their journalism 'catch-and-kill' practices and for libel.

In my design process, I chose to capitalize on the National Enquirer's embracing of controversey and push it further, by emulating the idea that 'Any press is good press.'

Print & Digital Applications

Applying the created logo in different instances to illustrate its fit for the National Enquirer brand.





Maggie Gibson, 2023